What Impact Investing Means to SNW


Impact investing is the intentional allocation of capital to investment opportunities that generate measurable positive social or environmental impacts as well as financial returns. Asset classes vary
in the degree to which they have impact, with more direct (and typically riskier) investment opportunities often yielding the highest level of impact. Investment grade fixed income impact investments allow investors the opportunity to align their mission with their investments, and to balance risk with an impact return.


Standards for Inclusion


All holdings in the SNW credit universe, including municipal, corporate, Gov’t MBS, sovereign and supranational bonds, are awarded an Impact Rating on a 5-star scale. The ratings are derived both from publicly available data and subscription data sets, then analyzed and generated using SNW’s proprietary methodology. The SNW Impact Strategy portfolios hold only bonds that are rated 3-stars and above.

In order for an entity to be included in an SNW Impact Strategy, the issuer or issue must:

  • Be on the current SNW approved credit list
  • Have at least a 3-star impact rating
  • Qualify to be included in the selected Focus if applicable

General Impact Overlay


The General Impact Overlay is a broad spectrum approach to impact investing, where assets are allocated to any available investment opportunity with impact potential. This includes impact opportunities related to the environment, education, housing, healthcare, social improvement, energy efficiency and infrastructure improvements, among other options.


Impact Strategy Focuses



Educational Focus

The Educational Focus will invest in opportunities that both expand access to education and contribute to the improvement of educational achievements. Primary and secondary education programs, adult education, continuing education, skills training and other similar opportunities will be included. This approach will not invest in any entity that is considered a for-profit education provider.


Environmental Issues Focus

The Environmental Issues Focus identifies investment opportunities with high potential positive impact in areas such as land, water and energy conservation and seeks opportunities with good climate change profiles and low overall environmental impact. This approach will emphasize low carbon investment opportunities, and is, by design free of fossil fuel reserve owners.


Gender Equity Focus

The Gender Equity Focus will identify investment opportunities using governance criteria
such as women's representation in leadership and senior management roles, including an evaluation of the number of board seats held by women and whether the board chair is female. Additionally, investment opportunities providing dedicated capital access programs, healthcare services and educational opportunities for women will be preferred. The Gender Equity Focus may periodically emphasize particular industries, sectors or regions as a way to leverage assets for increased impact.


At SNW Asset Management we are dedicated to working with our clients, partners, employees and communities to improve the world we live in. We choose to hold ourselves accountable to standards beyond the laws of our land or the numbers on our income statement in order to set an example for others in the money management community.