SNW Firm Update

We are very pleased to announce that SNW Asset Management will soon be joining Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. (OFI) as a wholly -owned investment unit (read more here). While we were not actively looking to be acquired, we found OFI’s boutique approach to mergers and acquisitions attractive as it will allow us to act with independence while also leveraging OFI’s significant resources. Our headquarters will remain in Seattle and our entire team will remain in place. Here are some of the advantages we see from the transaction:

  1. Boutique Approach – Both firms approach investing with a boutique mindset; while today SNW is a standalone boutique, OFI is a collection of boutiques. SNW will continue to deliver customized portfolios and service as we always have. OFI recognizes and appreciates the value that our approach has brought to our clients over the years. 
  2. Greater Client Focus – After the Transaction, increased ability to focus on the management and servicing of your account. SNW will have access to resources, from OFI, that will offer support to our operations, client service and investment teams in part through technology. 
  3. Foundation for Growth – As a wholly-owned subsidiary of a firm the size of OFI, we are taking a major step forward in assuring our valued clients that we can create a stronger foundation for our continued growth.

This opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without loyal clients like you.  As a valued client of SNW, you will continue to experience the same top notch service. Our team has worked diligently to keep your best interest in mind throughout this process.  We are very excited about this next chapter in the growth of our firm and look forward to sharing more with you as we move forward.