Institutional Investor Magazine Highlights SNW and HIP Partnership

Roughly two years ago, SNW Asset Management and HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor launched a first of its kind socially responsible investment (SRI) municipal bond strategy that focuses on the quantifiable metrics surrounding impact investing.  The partnership marries the rigorous credit and portfolio management work of SNW and the ESG/SRI analysis of HIP, which measures a municipal bond portfolio’s human impact score and mitigates off-balance sheet risks. Examples of off-balance sheet risks are carbon emission, effluent effects, lack of transparency and unethical business practices. This collaboration is proving successful in attracting clients who want to align their personal values with their investments in a manner that is both measurable and has a very reasonable cost. Separately managed accounts have been found to be excellent investment vehicles to achieve the dual investment mandate of quantifiable SRI/ESG outcomes and positive risk adjusted returns. For more information, please follow the link to the article below, and thank you to our SNW + HIP clients for making the strategy a success.

Source: Institutional Investor and SNWAM Research